FOXDOG Outfitters Australian Family owned and run, we started as a result of searching for specific shooting equipment for our own use as contract shooters.  During this time we realized that there must be a number of fellow hunters looking for quality lights and accessories for their hunting kits.  The result was we started our own brand of lights called Z-vision. 

Our aim was to have a great torch that has easily interchangeable pills from white red green and IR for our night vision builds.  We ended up expanding our initial range to cater for the different applications to make more suitable for all hunters or for those than want a reliable spot beam or flood torch. 

All Z-vision torch's use original XLamp® XP-E LED's by CREE USA.  The XLamp® XP-E LED combines the proven lighting-class performance and reliability of the XLamp® XR-E LED in a package with an 80% smaller footprint.

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