Z-bar RW6
Z-bar RW6
Z-bar RW6
Z-bar RW6

Z-bar RW6


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The Zbar RW-6 stealth led light bar gives you the perfect infield bar with 2 lights in 1. 

Red LEDS let you move around with minimal disturbance to wildlife & stock with the

ability to simply flick the switch and move from red stealth to fully visible white light

giving you more light throw and visibility.  Suitable for all vehicles for infield use.   


Warning:  All buyers are responsible for checking local road laws with the

mounting of light bars including red LED’s.   The Zbar RW-6 is not intended

to be a spot light.  Its purpose is an infield maneuverability flood light.



Two in one Red & White 6 lens light bar

W 375mm x D 80mm x H100mm (inc bracket)

Multi position adjustable base mount brackets included

Provisional threaded M8 holes for end mounts

(end mounts and wiring harness not included)