Z-Vision hunting lights

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Z-Vision hunting lights feed back

Outstanding customer service and almost immediate response on a Sunday at that. If there were more stars to give they'd get them too


Foxdog Outfitters went above and beyond in helping me choose the right torch for my needs.  I am glad I listened and went with the JP-303 as it is just a brilliant torch, purpose built and faultless.  I was browsing online and when I sent my enquire, expecting 24 hours or so for a reply, I heard back within the hour and our conversation was very informative.  

I highly recommend these products.  I am certainly happy I went top shelf straight up and I don’t regret it.  Excellent results from the very first spotlighting trip.


I purchased the JP 300 rifle mount kit, the kit arrived in good time extremely happy with the service provided extremely happy with the product. Have only used it on pigs so far with the green pill which was recommended for pigs & worked better then I could have imagined



Australian company, Australian brand and Australian Warranty....

Z-vision by FOXDOG Outfitters. Australian Brand by an Australian Company.

Z-vision started as a result of searching for specific shooting equipment for our own use as contract shooters.  During this time we realised that there must be a number of fellow hunters looking for high performance quality lights and practical accessories for field use.   The result  "Z-VISION"

contract shooters

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