DynaLIK Australia

Foxdog Outfitters is the sole importer of Dynalik to Australia and New Zealand.

Dynalik is a dedicated group of hunters and conservationists that have come together with a common goal. This goal is to provide all wildlife with quality nutrition and habitat enhancement throughout the world. We will do this by developing products that not only taste great, but will also be healthy.

With the spread of urban areas, rural areas are not producing the minerals and food that can sustain a healthy herd or flock, causing migration. To prevent animals from leaving your property, it is up to the hunter or land manager to provide these supplemental sites for them. Here at DYNALIK, we provide products with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that animals can consume and get the most of the natural food that is around them. This also transfers for those farms and properties that have plenty of habitat but not the supplements that animals need to thrive and grow to their maximum potential. All of our supplements are designed to draw, hold, and grow animals in these areas, thus revisiting these sites to consume the quantities need to build muscle, fat, and bone structure. These nutrients will also aid in birth rate and lactation in doe deer,and nutrition for the young as they grow. As these sites are established, they will prevent the migration of your wildlife and provide the nutrition to build a stronger and healthier population. We all want our animals to stay on our property, Right? Try our products for 1 year and you'll see the difference that our products can make in your wildlife and property.


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