Pest Control / Contract Shooting

At Foxdog Outfitters we offer humane pest extermination by licensed contract shooters with full insurance. We have two licensed shooters who are also joint owners of the company.   We do not use or recommend the use of poisons for pest extermination due to its lack of ability to accurately target the pest species. There is also the risk of poisoned animals that are unable to be located causing sickness or death of pets or non pest species by accidental consumption.

At Foxdog Outfitters we believe pest extermination by shooting is the most humane method with the added advantage of pest identification prior to final elimination.

We offer a discrete and confidential service as pest culling is not always accepted by everyone.

At Foxdog Outfitters we have modified equipment for bird removal, so no more holes in your shed or building.  Our tactical weapon set up allows us to be exact with each shot.  We are fully equipped for night shooting with night vision and thermal imaging capabilities. 

Send through your inquiry so we can arrange a quote.  We offer services for feral pigeons, pest birds, rats, rabbits, hares, feral cats, foxes, feral goat and feral deer.

If you require an onsite quote we are happy to organised this for a fee.  This will be credited to your invoice if you go ahead with the contract within 30 days from date of the quote.