Limited 3 Year Warranty

Fox Dog Outfitters Pty Ltd offers a 3 year limited warranty for all light housings, LED’s,  internal electronics, tail caps & headbands.


Limited 1 Year Warranty

Fox Dog Outfitters Pty Ltd offers a 1 year limited warranty for all chargers, batteries, quick mounts, carry cases and other listed accessories.

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim for a faulty Z-VISION product Foxdog Outfitters Pty Ltd will repair or replace if the fault is found to be caused by or is a result of a manufacturing defect. 


A copy of your proof of purchase will be required to determine that the Z-VISION product was purchased from and authorised reseller who has purchased the product direct from Foxdog Outfitters Pty Ltd and to determine if the product remains within the warranty period.  Warranty will only apply to the original purchaser from the Authorised reseller.  We do not offer warranty for product purchased from non-authorised resellers.


Warranty does not cover accidental damage, abuse or misuse.  Warranty does not cover damage caused by using the product other than what it was intentionally designed for.  Warranty will be void if there is any evidence of being tampered with. Warrantywill only cover genuine manufacturing faults.  If a warranty claim is placed and it found to be from user error or user misunderstanding the product will be repaired and returned to the customer for a fee.  


All warranty claims should be made direct to :

Foxdog Outfitters Pty Ltd

3 Charles Street,

Allenby Gardens

South Australia 5009